Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hacking Wifi

Wifi Hacking - is it feasible?

Everything can be done within this life, as weird as it's and so is possible wifi hacking. Everyone can use tools to break into your wifi and make use of your online connection, even perhaps sniff your packets to spy giving you - see what sites you visit, whatever you search and what are your passwords on different sites.

How can I hack wifi?

Wifi Hacking has been made quite easy recently. Some underground developers designed a tool called "Wifi Hack Password", it needs to be the top wifi hacking tool online at this time! Why - you may ask? Because this tool can run on windows operating system! Until now each of the wifi hacking tools were made for unix only and just advanced users might use them - now everyone is able to hack wifi which makes wifi's a really dangerous networks.

How can I protect my self?

The easiest way to guard your self is by using a secured webpages - https rather than http. Also use very complex passwords and WPA2, but by today Wifi Hack Password can eat through WPA2 passwords with only 10-30 minutes - I must say I'm impressed using this tool, I didn't think it turned out possible to generate such tool these days I see that it must be!

Where can I get that what are named as Wifi Hack Password?

This tool is completely free plus they are about to release their source code soon - I'm actually looking forward to it. You can get this tool from other homepage ! You don't need some very quickly computer to run this, it even works on low-end computers with only 512MB of ram and 1GHz CPU.

What about linux and mac users?

You can run this tool also on linux using Wine. But for linux users I would recommend backtrack and aircrack-ng, they just assist limited network cards in case they help your card you're in luck.

Good luck along with your hacking goals of 2012!

You may also use linux to interrupt into any wireless network, this might require few tools that I'm not likely to mention here - you are able to run Wifi Hack - on linux also - using wine! All the features work like on windows and hacking now is easier than ever.

You make use of Wi-Fi stumblers to detect nearby networks in addition to their information, as an example the connection speed, security type and media access control address.Sniffers can capture packets to record what users are performing across the access point - using sniffers it can be done to capture any information sent from the network - also the passwords.
 Hacking Wifi using Mac

Right now, I don't know any programs used for hacking realistically work on mac. Although it is achievable to download virtualbox or vmware player and run windows applications there - it works perfectly! You won't lose any speed when cracking the password and you'll be able to crack all of the wireless network you need with only few clicks of your mouse - simple as that - no need for some premium or high costing programs which don't work - Wifi Hack Password is a open source software (you will get the foundation when contacting their support).
Who can hack your wifi?

You could imagine the only real people effective at snooping on the Internet activity are government intelligence agents or simply just a competent teenage hacker holed up within their parents’ basement. But some simple software lets just about anybody sitting beside you at the local restaurant watch the thing is the Web as well as assume your identity online.

“Like it or else, we have been today residing in a cyberpunk novel,” said Darren Putcher, a systems administrator to have an aerospace company in Richmond, Calif., plus the host of Hak5, videos podcast about computer hacking and security. “When people find out how trivial and easy it can be to look at and in many cases modify everything you do online, they're shocked.”

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